About Us

LIGHT AND SOFT launched in September 2020 in Orange County, California. 

All of our products are hand crafted and unique to us. We guarantee that you can not find any of the designs you have seen here, you can not find anywhere except here. Our products contains non-toxic, chemical-free dyes and washing machine friendly. Our goal is to bring comfort to your babies and give some freedom to you. 

Who are we? 

Light and Soft was established in 2020 by wife and husband team, Gamze and Eric Neill. Gamze is an engineer and and Eric works in 3D animation. We are coming from different sectors however we believe in our products and our brand. Today and in the future, we will always keep our unique style and bring new unique products for your kids. 

Why soft sole shoes and backpacks? 

It is very healthy for children to walk barefoot, as it helps their feet grow naturally. However we also need to make sure their feet stay protected. Soft soles are a good balance, allowing your children to have protection but also allowing room to move and grow. They are super lightweight, contains non-toxic chemical free dye and suitable for almost every surface. Don`t forget to check our backpacks as well.

We invite you to shop our uniquely hand crafted collections!